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Voguenow FaceLift - #1 Facial Cupping Set

Voguenow FaceLift
#1 Facial Cupping Set

  • Remove wrinkles, fine lines & skin tightening 

  • Healthier, brighter & smooth skin

  • 100% Natural skin care

  • Best facial workout



"My skin felt noticeably tighter with a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines with a different glow. It is so difficult to believe that something natural at such a reasonable price can produce such wonderful results. I do it every alternate day now" - Chloe Reynolds, NYC.

      Ships From USA 

   Ships from USA 

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Cupping is based on ancient suction therapy. It draws more oxygenated blood towards your skin, strengthens the muscles improving circulation and helping the skin look younger, brighter and toned.  

REVERSE-AGING-With proper application, it can remove fine lines, reduce wrinkles, get rid of that double chin. Boosts collagen & elastin gradually making your skin 5 years younger naturally.

EXCEPTIONAL FACE WORKOUT - We do a lot for our body to keep it healthy but the face is always overlooked. 5-10 minutes of Cupping per session is an excellent workout for the face. A healthier face means a vibrant, glowy skin always.

100% NATURAL SKINCARE - Time to avoid toxic chemicals on the face. Cupping is a boon when it comes to natural skincare.

SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS - Don’t bother burning money on various creams & face treatments at salons every few weeks. This is the best one-time investment that would keep your face rejuvenated for years.

EFFECTIVE ANTI CELLULITE - Don't we all hate that stubborn cellulite? Body Cupping available with the Ultimate ToneUp Kit helps to break down the cellulite and gives you a slimmer, evenly-toned & smoother skin. It also helps to reduce muscle soreness.

WE CARE ABOUT WHAT GOES ON YOUR SKIN - Our custom engineered VogueNow massage cups are made with FDA registered Food Grade silicone – no fillers, PVC, plastic, BPA or phthalates. It is completely safe for all skin types.

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Facelift Kit

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  • 2 x Mini Facial Cups

  • 2 x Micro Facial Cups

  • 1 x Facial Massaging Brush (Free worth $8)  

  • 1 Year Warranty

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Ultimate ToneUp Kit

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  • 4 x Facial Cups

  • 3 x Body Cups

  • 1 x VogueNow's most effective  orgainc Rosehip Oil 45ml (worth $30)

  • 1 x Facial Massaging Brush (Free worth $8)

  • 1 x Anti Cellulite Brush (Free worth $12)

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Free Shipping

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

ToneUp Kit

55% off

  • 4 x Facial Cups

  • 3 x Body Cups

  • 1 x Facial Massaging Brush (Free worth $8)

  • 1 x Anti Cellulite Brush (Free worth $12)

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Free Shipping

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Power of Professional Cupping, now in the comfort of your home. Own your magical cupping home kit at a fraction of the cost you have to spend on a single visit to the Spa for Cupping Therapy.  

How To Use

1. Apply your favorite oil/moisturizer to lubricate your skin with the massaging/anti-cellulite brush.
2. Press the cups to create suction and glide it gently over the skin.
 3. You will receive a detailed instruction manual with the package. Also a video tutorial in an email, once you place the order.

Do not use without Oil/lubrication. 

Do not leave the cups over any specific area for long & ensure that the cups are always moving


I am 25, is cupping for me? I am 65, is cupping for me?

Cupping is for all the women out there irrespective of their age group. Consider cupping as a work out routine for your skin which will keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated in the long run. We have women from 20 to 70+ age group using cupping successfully to improve their skin.

Will pulling the skin during cupping sag it more?

No, quite the opposite in fact! Cupping brings more oxygenated blood to your skin, strengthens the muscles, improves circulation and helps the skin become younger, brighter & more toned. It’s like an all-natural facial workout.  

Will it leave bruises? Can it damage blood capillaries?

This is a common misconception, you have nothing to worry about. Just ensure that the skin is lubricated prior cupping, the suction is decent & the cups are moving continuously and you will never leave a bruise or burst capillaries. 

Are the effects temporary? Will the skin sag again if stopped cupping?

No, it takes a few weeks to show the improvement in the skin but it will gradually lead to a long term effect even after you stop cupping. 

What if it doesn't work for me?

We don't think so that this case might arise as we have more than 40,000+ happy women who love our cups. Anyway, you can buy our cups with confidence with an easy 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee. You can return the product for a full refund.

Where does this ship from? What is the delivery time?

Our cupping kit ships from USA. 2-7 business days USA Delivery, 7-12 business days International Delivery!

This Facial Workout therapy is guaranteed to deliver results. However, Don't take our word for it! Look what our happy customers are saying and their amazing results!!

Your skincare routine today will determine how much your skin will stay healthy and rejuvenated in the long run - Sophia Loren.
So invest sometime in Facial workout & get ready for a healthier, smoother & younger skin. Join the Skin Care Revolution Today!

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We offer a Risk-free 45-day Money-Back Guarantee on our product. If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!  
There’s absolutely no-risk in giving it a try. We have 24/7 Customer Support. Please contact us if you need any assistance.